album: "A Happy Loneiness"
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Telegraphy's "A Happy Loneliness" is a thirty minute live set that centers around the single (with the same title) "A Happy Loneliness", released on ionosonde's singles collection. Introductory ambient textures build-up and flow effortlessly into the signature track of this liveset that is one of the most memorable tracks from Telegraphy. Paralleling the introduction, Telegraphy takes the listener down to the same level were he injects Detroit style ambient noise that give a sense of free floating on a bed of your own meditative thoughts (in a dark room). Clean melodies persists evenly through the remainder of the track. Sprinkled with field recordings of suttle foot shuffling and crinkling of paper, too echoed softly distorted loops that appear out of nowhere but to the listener, all in the right places.