album: "Midnight Morning Glory"
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You find your self in a elusive garden late on a mid-summers night. The bright full moon light strains through the heavy canopy above only to illuminate the lush array of plants below. Exploring the grounds with ancient statuses of mythical gods partially covered with Morning Glory vines, you study the beautiful flowers of this curious plant. Feeling around, a few seeds drop into your hands. With no hesitation you ingest the hand full of seeds. The journey begins. In "Midnight Morning Glory", Telegraphy paints or (as evident of the cover art) draws a picture of ones journey. Filled with distant synths and ambient field recordings which are reminiscent of past experiences felt. The separation between these sounds and consciousness, can only be grasped in the instantaneous moment of ones mind. This four track album takes these consciousness textures, feeling, and thoughts from that mid-summers journey and interpreters it into a living pattern of melodic thought sequences. With common Telegraphy style, rhythmic micro samples are applied with mind altering speed. The last track "Midnight" is a live thirty seven minute set. With sounds of shortwave provided by vintage vacuum tube electronics, this minimal / ambient / noise set is a continuation of ionosonde's popular releases "Somewhere in Detroit"