album: "Infernal Convolution"
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"Infernal Convolution" is certainly a release that can lift up a heavy heart with it's melodic synths and echoed drones. Warming us up from a long cold winter season, Telegraphy soothes us in red warm colored splashes of chores deep down to the core. A four track E.P. that starts off with it's titled track. It beckons the awaking from the winter hibernation. Curiously familiar melodies, the listener just can't quite put ones finger on,"Hearts, Made In Detroit" and "When Sounds Are Meaningless" has it's own unique qualities that for some reason or another we've all heard before. Closing out with "Distorted Reflections", a dub ladden techno track that high-lights Telegraphy's D.I.Y. audio gear know how with heavy metalized sounds of his harmonic reverb.