How do I listen to a track?

First, you need to download Shockwave Flash in order to listen to one of our track streams. After that is done, simply click on the play button download trackat the end of the track listing. Wait a few moments for the audio stream to load (wait time depends on how fast your internet connection speed is) and the audio will start to play through your headphones. You did remember your headphones ?

How do I download?

There's no need for any special software for this one. Simply position your cursor on top of the arrow that is pointing down download track(you know, the arrow at the end of the track listing). Push your right mouse button. At this point a small menu box will appear. Using your cursor, click on "save as". Another window will appear prompting you to save it in a specified folder. Pick a folder to save it in and then click save. At this point the song, photo, CD sleeve or Album will be downloading into your computer (again, download time depends on how fast your internet connection speed is).

Whats with this CD sleeve thing?

You can easily make your own CD sleeve for your downloaded ionosonde recording albums. Simply download the PDF which contains a easy cut and fold CD sleeve which has graphics and art. Open the PDF, print it out and follow the directions for easy construction.

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