Pronounced [ahy-on-uh-sond] ; A scientific apparatus that measures the reflectivity of the ionosphere, the outer most layer of the earth that protects us from cosmic radiation and aids in global communication.

Ionosonde Recordings is a netlabel from Detroit Michigan U.S.A. that focuses on experimental dub techno. All music presented here is free to download. The artist(s) willfully release their music under the Creative CommonsCreative Commons License

Ionosonde recordings was created by sound artist and producer Richard Sudney (a.k.a Telegraphy). In January of 2011 from the closure of it's parent project metal-oxide-malfunction, Ionosonde has released over a dozen E.P. s and albums. Having boasted a unique melodic style of dub techno, this one artist netlabel as gained notoriety in the free music culture as a true "underground" label.

Who is Telegraphy ?

Richard Sudney from Detroit Michigan U.S.A. is a electronic music producer and sound designer who's influence is heavily seated in early dub techno. A renegade artist with a backwards style of production using out of date and home built equipment, fabricates up lifting vibrant sounds that are far echos of Detroit techno and dub. Releasing tracks on the internet since 2005 under the moniker Monopole and more recently Telegraphy, major netlabels took notice of his unique sound. TestTube, rec72, Clinical Archives, Headphonica, and Happypuppy recordings just name a few. Richards presents on the web prompted the curation of his own solo artist microlabel Metal-Oxide-Malfunction and then ultimately Ionosonde Recordings in 2010, where all of his material is now released from. With dozens of digital albums under his belt, in 2013 he released the phyical CD �Ionosonde� under his own name.

Self portrait

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